Affilate System

At present we are not accepting any affiliate requests. But we would like you to consider our reseller/volume discounting programme 

At N99panel , we offer an attractive affiliate program which apart from offering your customer a high performance cloud setup, also lets you offer a value proposition to your customers, namely
  • A high performance and a stable cloud platform
  • The cloud platform with advance technology features like nginx, Varnish, Redis etc.
  • The N99panel , comes with a control panel, allows a customer to manage various aspects easily.
  • Multi version PHP support starting from 7.0 to 8.2
  • Incremental backups, one click backups and restores. Refer our terms of service  for more details
  • And many more features….

Now we come to the part as how as becoming our affiliate and referring customers to us, is benificial for you.

  • For a customer referred to us by you, upon their successfully signing up and enrollment, for an active service of their’s and in good standing (no issues w.r.t. billing, payments, compliances etc.),
    • During the first 12 months of the referred VPS service, you earn a commission of Rs.250 or $3.125 (for US/intl affiliate) per month.
    • After 12 months of the referred VPS service, you earn a commission of Rs.100 or $1.25 (for US/intl affiliate) per month.
    This can continue for a maximum period of upto 5 years provided that particular service availed by your referred client is active and is in good standing.
  • A vast collection of banners is available which you can easily use to link your website to our sales channel.
  • The minimum eligibility sum is Rs.500 or $125 (for US/intl affiliate) and 60 days of you being part of our affiliate program
  • A US/Intl affiliate would need to issue a valid business invoice with bank account details before the payout can be remitted to him/her. For an India based affiliate, only the back account details and an initial email where interest is expressed in the affiliate program is required.
  • The affiliate program is subject to the terms and conditions mentioned at
  • To join the affiliate program, please login/signup as customer at and take further necessary steps.