Why run your NodeJS App or Website with N99panel?

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In recent years NodeJS has come up as a very viable solution to run a range of Web Applications and Websites. NodeJS may probably be the best solution your mobile apps which need a reliable backend. Therefore its extremely important that you choose the right hosting partner to run your NodeJS applications.

We believe that our N99cloud fulfills all the requirements which you require from a NodeJS setup. Lets now start on it point-wise. 

1. Two modes - development and production mode.

In N99panel you can run NodeJS in two modes – development and production. This ability meets the requirement of a typical app development lifecycle.

In the development mode, you can run your app via SSH/command-line and the same can be linked with your app like /app or / . In this mode you can also run your npm commands and install various packages. The app does not have any stop/start/restart cycles managed by the system. If the SSH process restarts, the app process would get killed and not get automatically started. Even if the app is running stably in development mode, it should be pushed into production mode. To learn more about development mode, please click here.  

When you feel that your app is ready to go into the production mode, you can reference the same location as in the development mode, and run the app in the production mode.  In the production mode, your app runs as a separate process and is properly synced with the system’s stop/start/restart cycles. To learn more about production mode, please click here

2. NodeJS apps run with lesser hops.

Under N99panel, the NodeJS apps run with lesser hops as compared to the way the NodeJS apps are run on cPanel or other similar systems. 

In N99panel, node binary which calls your app’s source file like app.js, is directly connected to the webserver i.e. Nginx. It is like : Webserver (Nginx) -> Node binary -> App source file.  

In cPanel, the webserver (Apache/Litespeed) would call the passenger module , which in turn would call the node binary and that in turn calls your app’s source file. It is like : Webserver (Apache/Litespeed) -> Passenger Module -> Node binary -> App source file.

Lesser the hops, better would be the performance and the same would impact the system’s CPU and RAM in a beneficial way. 

3. Nginx and NodeJS - the perfect fit.

N99panel’s architecture utilizes Nginx as the webserver, which as mentioned above, directly connects with your app. 

Here we would like to emphasize that Nginx is probably the fastest web-server in the world, specifically to serving static files.

On the other hand, the typical cPanel NodeJS hosting offered by various providers comes with Apache accompanied with passenger module. Now Apache is not the best when it comes to the performance. And along with passenger module, this adds an extra overhead.

4. Multiple NodeJS and NPM versions.

At N99panel, we offer you NodeJS versions 10, 12, 14, 16, 18, 20 and also the NPM’s accompanying the same. To use NodeJS, in development mode, you would typically use the node command followed by the version number e.g. node18 or node20 . In a similar fashion you can also use the NPM commands like npm18 or npm20

In production mode, you would have a drop-down of the NodeJS versions list,  and you can choose the one with which you want to  run your app.

5. Website can also run PHP alongside NodeJS.

N99panel supports both NodeJS and PHP. If you have a requirement to run PHP on the same NodeJS app path like /app1 , the PHP file(s) placed in the regular folder hierarchy would automatically work.

The typical document root is


Your NodeJS app /app1 in production mode should be placed under 


The PHP and/or static files like CSS, JS or HTML would be placed under


Conclusion : We have provided here you with 5 very good reasons to choose N99panel in order to fulfill your NodeJS requirements. Why not give it a shot and try a N99Panel VPS . Our smallest VPS C1R1 – 1 vCPU core, 1 GB RAM, 25 GB SSD starts from $10.00 month (US/international billing) or Rs.750+GST month (India billing). With TRYN99 coupon code you can get further discount on the 1st month’s billing.