Cloudflare and SSL Mode

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While integrating CloudFlare, if you are using ‘Proxy’ for the website’s IP address, you may encounter an issue w.r.t. the SSL/TLS mode. The most likely symptom of this issue will be shown in the browser as ‘too many redirects’

The root cause of this issue is that SSL/TLS mode is being automatically set to ‘Flexible’, even though by default it was ‘Full’. This typically happens when Cloudflare detects that the nameservers of the domain have correctly been updated to the one’s issued by the Cloudflare.

This issue is already been mentioned in Cloudflare’s forum –

A workaround to this issue is that after you have added your website/domain in the Cloudflare panel, under SSL

1. Change SSL Mode to Flexible
2. After 1-2 min, change it back to Full

This should work. In-case if you again see too many redirects error, again check this mode in the Cloudflare’s panel and/or the redirection logic of your website a.k.a .htaccess

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