Does N99panel come with backups and restores functionality?

Category: Backups and Restorations

N99panel comes with incremental backups and restores functionality. These incremental backups are on per website/VHost basis and are automated on per day basis with each backup also being a restore point. You can also manually create an incremental backup from the N99panel console.

V. Imp: These backups are stored ONSITE i.e. they are stored on the server/VPS itself. It is not a offsite backup. In event of harddisk crash or a catastrophic failure, it will not help. Therefore you are very strongly advised to take manual backups of your contents to your PC/Laptop/device at regular intervals.

The incremental backup service also comes with a WP DB snapshot functionality, only w.r.t top domain. Does not apply to WordPress installations under sub-folders. The incremental backups, which are run on Sunday, will also take a snapshot of the database, provided that the website is a WordPress website.  Now restoring a WordPress website from an incremental backup with WP DB snapshot is a one click process. At any given moment a maximum of only 8 WP DB snapshots can be taken.

Otherwise as such, the incremental backups do not include MySQL backup or dumps. MySQL backups/dumps are again automated based on certain logic. Additionally you can also create a MySQL DB backup from within N99panel console.

The count of incremental backups work as a rolling process i.e. the maximum number of restore points with incremental backup will vary between 30 and 59.

If there are any exposed or external directories where an exposed directory might look like /home/user/data . and is mapped to /home/user/example.com_public_html/data ,  the incremental backup excludes these directories. Typically exposed/external directories will practically be volume mounts which can run into several 100 GBs where as the example.com_public_html will actually the files/structures used for running a website and only only consuming few 100 MBs

The incremental and MySQL backups are onsite backup i.e. they reside on the VPS itself. For better redundancy we advice that you buy a separate offsite backup plans to where these incremental and backups can be synced. Offsite syncing of incremental and MySQL backups is available @ Rs.1000+GST per 50 GB per month.

The backup features mentioned above are on as is basis with no guarantees. As a matter of best practices, you should always have a backup of all the data in your local system.

Imp: Restoring a backup would automatically void/remove any File-Locks which have been applied on the VHost/Website.