How can I backup the whole site and download it?

Category: Backups and Restorations

A typical website has two components – directories/files and the database. The first step is to create an archive of the website’s folder. From within N99panel, under the user’s menu, select Folder Operations and then choose Directory Traversal. There would be a directory by the name of sitename_public_html . W.r.t. this directory, click the zip icon and follow the remaining steps. On completion of all these steps, a zip file pertaining to the VHost/website would be generated. This can be downloaded via a SFTP client like FileZilla

W.r.t. database, provided you know the name of the DB, from within N99panel traversing as under : Dashboard » MySQL » MySQL DBs » Generate MySQL DB Bkp , you would be able to create the backup of the MySQL database. This can again be downloaded via a SFTP client like FileZilla.

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