How do I migrate a WordPress or a WooCommerce site from cPanel to N99panel?

Category: WordPress

Migrating a WordPress or a WooCommerce website is super easy with N99panel. Broadly speaking, it involves following steps

  1. In your cPanel, go to the File Manager and make an archive/zip file of public_html folder. Download this archive to your local system.
  2. Again from within cPanel, go to phpMyAdmin and export the DB. This should be a SQL file, preferably compressed as a zip file.
  3. Now in N99panel, create a user and a Website/VHost under it
  4. Upload both the archive file and the sql (can be zipped) file into the user directory using a SFTP client like FileZilla
  5. From within the Website/VHost details/mgmt menu, choose ‘ Restore a WordPress Archive (with SQL file) to the VHost’ .
  6. Now you would be prompted to enter the uploaded archive file name and the SQL file name. Submit the details and rest everything will be automated.

Now if everything works smoothly, you should have a working WordPress website . Our system handles all the behind the scene tasks.