How to change the default version of node or NodeJS CLI for a user?

Category: NodeJS

This FAQ article has been updated on 18/Dec/2023

In N99panel we offer multiple versions of NodeJS with associated NPM versions. But there may be a use case or a scenario where you simply need the default NodeJS version. This is especially true when you are trying to deploy Next.js Apps (refer ).

To setup the default node version along with its accompanying npm and npx versions, please follow the following steps

Step 1 – Log into your N99panel

Step 2 – Click on ‘List Users’ to list all users, and against the user under which you need to change the versions, please click ‘View/Change Node CLI version’

Step 3 – You would be able to see the current CLI version for node and also would be able to change the same.

Once you have changed the version, log in via SSH and type

node -v

This would show the applicable NodeJS’s CLI version.