Is malware scanning available with N99panel?

Category: General

Yes. It is.

There are two modes of malware scanning – Realtime and OnDemand.

Realtime malware scanning scans for malware etc. in the new files or the files that have changed, The default mode of realtime scanning is detect & clean. So if you find files that have the extension .quarantined and are 0 bytes, very likely it represent the actual file which was detected and cleaned. In case for any reason you wish that realtime scans do not clean the detected file(s), please place a file ignore_scan.txt under /home/user . You can enter the full path of the file or the folder you wish to exclude from realtime scans. ignore_scan.txt can contain multiple entries with each entry on a separate line.

W.r.t. OnDemand scanning, it can be initiated by a N99panel admin user from within the N99panel interface. There are two modes under which OnDemand scanning can be done – Detect and Detect & Clean. In-case a malware is found, you can then download the relevant report pertaining to that particular scan. The OnDemand scanning also considers ignore_scan.txt as mentioned previously.