Is Varnish available with N99panel?

Category: General

Yes. Varnish, a page caching servicem is available under N99panel.

By default Varnish is not enabled for a website/VHost. When you wish to use Varnish w.r.t. your website, within N99panel’s console, go to Details/Manage menu of the website/Vhost. There you would have the link/button to manage Varnish.

There are five options for Varnish :

  • Disable
  • Enable – Config 1
  • Enable – Config 2
  • Enable – Config 3
  • Purge/Clear-cache

With WordPress you can easily use Varnish and enable auto-purging of content (when it changes), by using the Proxy Cache plugin .

Very important : When you are doing design/coding changes of your website, please disable Varnish in that case. Varnish cache or any cache for that matter should only be enabled in production ready mode.

The Varnish setup is primarily optimized and configured for WordPress setups. W.r.t. available varnish configs

  • Varnish Config 3 covers 95%+ cases/scenarios and thus results in effective caching
  • Varnish Config 2 covers 60%+ cases/scenarios and thus sometimes varnish cache may get bypassed
  • Varnish Config 1 covers 25%+ cases/scenarios

When Varnish and specifically, when a higher number configuration is applied, it may impact certain sections of the website in unexpected ways, as certain cookies/sessions will have no effect based on varnish configuration selection. After applying a Varnish configuration, you should thoroughly check all parts of the website, and also ensure security and privacy is not compromised.