Why Choose Us?

Nginx is one of the fastest or probably the fastest webserver currently available. Compared to Apache, which typically runs on most WHM/cPanel setups, it uses very few resources to serve high number of concurrent/parallel requests for static content like images, JS, CSS etc.

N99panel instances are created realtime. That is, as and when you complete the payment process, your VPS instance with N99panel is automatically created. Typically in 10-20 min of completing the order, you should get the details of the VPS instance in your email.

Multiple PHP versions right from PHP 7.0 to PHP 8.2 are available right out of the box. This enables you to run legacy PHP apps/websites which may require an older version and also it enables to run latest PHP apps/websites which require a newer version of PHP. 

In N99panel, installing a fresh WordPress is just a one click process.  But if you wish to start from an existing WordPress project, that you can also easily do by using our Website Duplicator feature.

Under N99panel, you have numerous features which make managing multiple WordPress setups super easy. To list a few features

  • One click updates. WordPress core, plugins or themes – as per your choosing.
  • Individual updates – you can easily update a particular plugin or a theme on individual basis.
  • Auto update management – you can select on individual basis whether you wish to enable auto updates for core or plugins or themes.
  • Temporary WordPress Admins – you can easily create WordPress admins whom you can give time limited access. Also you can revoke access at your end. Now no longer you need to share your own admin credentials with a developer or a consultant.
  • WordPress Setups Discovery – Our system can auto-discover your WordPress installations throughout the VPS.

Varnish page cache allows you to serve your web-pages via a page cache instead of using precious PHP related CPU/memory cycles. As the pages are served from the cache, it helps in two ways. Firstly it reduces the TTFB (Time to First Byte) which leads to ultra fast delivery of the web-page to a browser, and secondly as the CPU/memory cycles are reduced, it leads to better performance of the web-server.

To properly implement varnish, kindly checkout our following FAQ :  https://n99panel.com/ufaq/is-varnish-available-with-n99panel/

By default we offer Redis cache which is a high performance in-memory cache which can be used to store and retrieve various kinds of data objects. Redis cache can be very useful in reducing MySQL load, when a PHP website/app is properly able to integrate it.

Practical details of Redis cache cache implementation can be found at : https://n99panel.com/ufaq/is-redis-available-with-n99panel/

In N99panel we have incorporated onsite incremental backups by default. Elaborate details of incremental backups feature can be checkout at : https://n99panel.com/ufaq/does-n99panel-come-with-backups-and-restores-functionality/

WordPress snapshots is a part of the incremental backups setup whereby DB snapshots are also automatically taken along with the incremental backups at regular intervals. This feature is especially useful when a whole WordPress website has to be recovered.

For more details again refer to : https://n99panel.com/ufaq/does-n99panel-come-with-backups-and-restores-functionality/

Our incremental backups setup provides multiple restore points which can be used for data-recovery. This restoration process is ideally a single click (in case of WordPress DB Snapshot) process.

N99panel comes with one click MongoDB installer. It is super easy to install and use MongoDB on N99panel.

Our system is designed in such a way that we are available to offer highly isolated environment for each website. This helps ensure better security for the website and also the data. 

N99panel also has the feature of real-time malware scanning. In most scenarios it is able to detect the malware.

For details refer to : https://n99panel.com/ufaq/is-malware-scanning-available-with-n99panel/

WordPress Site Duplicator, a single click process, is an important feature considering where you require to setup staging websites/projects , and then use the same onto a live domain-name.

N99panel comes with multiple NodeJS versions – 10, 12, 14, 16, 18, 20. And moreover we provide two modes to run your NodeJS Apps – dev. mode and production mode. To learn more about the NodeJS implementation, please click here.